The Fork Handle Revival Story

Fork Handle Revival Buy, Restore and Sell Genuine and Original Vintage Homewares and Collectibles

    We love Vintage, Retro and Antique

We have an excellent reputation for supplying high quality pieces.  It is impossible to categorise into a few lines what we do, but we love design icons by name and design.  We supply popular names in British design, such as Anglepoise, Liberty, Ercol, CC14 Utility, Murano, as well as classic designs from our past - one of the most raved about pieces we have sold were the desk pencil sharpeners like the ones we had at school!

We like to be different (some may say difficult!)  We don't describe our upcycled pieces as restorations - we call them "REVIVAL"

A REVIVAL piece is an original item, usually found in very poor condition, with an interesting design and history.

Fork Handle Revival bring these pieces back to life whilst retaining the patina and highlighting its design features.  The items we choose are made to last, and have proven themselves by still being here for us to restore for your home today.  
     The devil is in our detail

We save the smallest parts from hinges to screws; we have the original locks restored and new keys made.  Even when we have to replace screws and fixings, we use original stock items.  Thats why our pieces look better than the rest!

We also pride ourselves on 'going the extra mile' to find the story behind each piece.  We analyse pieces of furniture, any history that may be found with them and research further.

Fork Handle Revival are interested in genuine items from all eras.  The fine workmanship of the late 1800's; the strength, quality and innovation of the early 1900's; the Art Deco designs of the 1930's that won the war; we also love pieces from the War Department and the Admiralty.  Mark grew up in the 70's and 80's and lived with what is now described as mid-century and retro.

      We stock reclaimed and original architectural items such as indoor and outdoor lighting, switches and door furniture

Mark Holman created Fork Handle Revival from a passion for heritage and design.  Being able to work with his heart has also enabled him to manage the modern day plague that is depression and anxiety.  Mark is a champion of mental health, and is always open about who he is and what he does.  Fork Handle Revival, along with his daughter Ruby, have been his most effective medication.  

Mark developed his skills by restoring cars - a 1960's Mk1 Ford Cortina (that he rallied to Monte Carlo), a BSA Bantam and a Ford Granada 2.8 Ghia Estate with a 1980's caravan to boot!  He also raced Fiesta XR2's

Please feel free to get in touch through our 'contact' page if you would like to sell something, or have it 'REVIVED'.  Please send us some pictures - pictures help us to help you!

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